SouLFrost® Company

The SoulFrost® Company stands for e-sports, teams and players,
solidarity and trust.

Our Process

Here we briefly introduce our system how we work out our new projects, from the idea to the completion of the product. This demonstration is presented in a very simplified way.
The concept
First a draft concept is worked out which is refined and checked afterwards. In the testing process the user-friendliness is designed and tested.
The production
In production, the concept is passed on to the appropriate departments and developed in detail. After the completion of the development, the functionality is checked and tested by third parties.
The marketing
After the quality of the product has been assured, it is ready for marketing. After that, we are waiting for user feedback to further improve the product.

Under the brand SoulFrost® you can find



Within the company, the management works behind the SoulFrost® brand. There the individual areas are managed, except for the IT department. The IT department works directly under the company management to provide technical support and keep all areas up to date. The Company Management decides on all activities in the different areas to guarantee a smooth workflow, fairness and integrity. The management also clarifies and answers financial and personnel questions.


Under the name SoulFrost® eSports teams play in all kinds of events, leagues and tournaments in various games. Among the games are titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege. The eSports department also supports individual players in finding and establishing a team. Furthermore, teams are supported in the individual games by several managers, team supporters and coaches on their way to reach their highest possible potential.


In the events department, different events are organized which are played in several games. The department has a very ambitious goal to organize and carry out small and large events for the European market in the field of e-sports. We try to take into account the different skill areas and thus create a variety of events. This department is still in its early stages and therefore the offer is currently still limited.


The SFF (SoulFrost® Forum) serves to distribute information for the e-sports sector. It covers various games where amongst many other things the patch notes can be found and are kept up to date. The forum is also used for some administrative duties and for team communication. The forum is currently under construction and in the concept stage, which is why the activity is missing there. The forum is also used to support individual players and teams for our departments.

We started as two

A small idea became a whole company that wants to make a name for itself in the field of e-sports. Founded by two people and a lot of time that was invested, the idea resulted in a concept that is being pursued.

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Philip "FudoD" Hauschulte
CEO & Founder

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Kacper "Cloud33" Szatkowski
CIO & Founder